Rack Accessories

Pallet Racking Accessories

  1. ROW CONNECTORS: Where racking layouts are back to back row conectors maintain spacing between rows. Located at any level other than positions of a beam.
  2. INSERT SHELF PANELS: Used when solid decking is required for bulk storage. Deck channels rest on ledge of our recessed beams and weld on angle step beams.
  3. DIVIDER BARS: Fits over box beams and acts as a seperator for long objects stocked vertically, such as moulding extrusions, bars and angles.
  4. DRUM CRADLES: For positive positioning of cylindrical containers. Unit fits onto beams and provides wedge-type security against displacement.
  5. FLUSH SAFETY BARS: Provide additional support elements for use with box beams wherever merchandise may be loaded with off-size or non standard pallets or under plywood.
  6. FORK ENTRY BARS: Provides vertical clearance for lifting device forks on non palleted merchandise such as lumber, large dies and metal bars.
  7. WALL CONNECTORS: Provides a tie between racking and the wall. Plate is punched to allow lagging.
  8. SKID CHANNELS: Formed U channels positioned front to rear on box beams provide a secure base for legged skids and other such items as stacking baskets and furniture.
  9. REEL ADAPTERS: Boltless reel-brackets lock into slots of uprights at any desired level. Adjustable on 4” centres permits repositioning when required.
  10. POST PROTECTORS: To reduce damage caused by lift trucks, post protectors are recommended on all front aisle upright posts, especially with drive-in/drive-thru applications.
  11. SHIM PLATES: To compensate for slightly uneven floors shim plates should be added underneath upright frames.
  12. WIRE MESH DECKS: Wire mesh decking is designed to provide additional safety for pallet rack applications throughout your warehouse. They are fast and simple to install. Wire mesh allows for easy viewing of inventory and works efficiently with overhead sprinkler systems; meets all fire and safety regulations.
  13. WIRE MESH BACK GUARDS: Prevents items from falling by using back fencing which bolts directly into your existing rack. Standard back fencing panels are manufactured with 2” x 2” x 10ga mesh. Nylon mesh guards also available.