Rack Safety Netting

Rack Safety Netting

Rack Safety Netting protects employees from falling product while reducing product loss. Our netting system can be customized to meet any racking requirements and have been tested to ensure the highest level of safety and security is achieved.


Our Guard Netting systems are mounted directly to the frame of the existing system by means of special attachment clamps, extension hardware, aircraft cable, and related rigging hardware. These clamps do not require any drilling, welding or modification to the system itself, thereby maintaining the integrity of the system.

In today's business environment, preventative safety is an on-going job. Wherever people work, walk or drive below a loaded pallet rack or a conveyor belt, guards protect your employees from falling products. As a result, you'll have fewer injury claims and uninterrupted work.


Nylon mesh is the only product developed and tested specifically for rack guarding applications, unlike steel mesh, wood, or fencing materials designed for different applications. Our pre-engineered Safety Rated Systems provides everything you need to keep your workers and warehouse safe.