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  1. Bloorview Kids Rehab - Case Study

    Bloorview Kids Rehab - Case Study

    80 Workstations For Laboratory Technicians

    To go about their daily work in an efficient manner, the laboratory technicians at Bloorview Kids Rehab in Ontario needed more suitable workstations.

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  2. Live To Play Sports - Case Study

    Live To Play Sports - Case Study

    Helping Live To Play Sports Move Up A Gear

    For Live To Play Sports, a Canadian company at the cutting edge of technology, the versatility of Rousseau was a major asset that contributed to the project's success.

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  3. Honda Queensway - Case Study

    Honda Queensway - Case Study

    A New Dealership Up To Date Design

    From technicians workstations to alignment stations and oil changes, every detail was included in the creation of workspaces that met the specific needs of the tasks to be performed.

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  4. BMW Mississauga - Case Study

    BMW Mississauga - Case Study

    The Art of Maximizing Space

    Quality, modularity, flexibility and efficiency were all combined to provide a personalized solution.

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  5. Metric Acquires Ronen Systems

    Metric Acquires Ronen Systems

    Metric now Datum's Master Dealer in Eastern Canada

    Metric will be continuing Ronen Systems Ltd's role providing the Datum product lineup of High-Density Storage Systems.

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