High-Density Storage

High-Density Storage

Increase your storage or filing capacity by 100% or free up 50% of your existing floor space for other uses by mounting shelving units on carriages that roll on tracks, creating a rolling aisle system.

Individually designed and fabricated, each high density mobile system permits completely flexible use of new or existing storage equipment. In addition, working with Datum Storage Solutions to provide an extensive range of standard sizes, custom options and accessories.

Mechanical Assist

The mechanical system combines all the features of the manual system with the large range capabilities and ease of operation provided by mechanical assist. Torque is transferred (by means of reduction gears) to a solid steel axle driving one wheel on each track. This system provides for carriage rigidity and smooth, effortless operation.

Power Systems

This is a state of the art, computer controlled mobile system. Control pads located on the face of each mobile unit allow the operator to enter commands and security codes. Mobile aisles open and close effortlessly at the touch of a button.