Modula WMS

Modula WMS

Designed for your unique needs – from small, growing businesses to the most advanced warehouses.

Modula WMS

A Complete End-To-End WMS Solution for Your Business

Modula Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a complete inventory management software, designed to operate Modula’s automated storage and retrieval solutions or as a stand-alone software in traditional warehouses (manual areas).

As one of the most intuitive and advanced software solutions on the market, Modula WMS seamlessly interfaces with almost all DMS and ERP systems, making processes, such as receiving, picking, and putting away products, faster and more accurate.

How Does the Modula WMS Work?

Discover how to connect your business to the future

Streamlining Warehouse Operations

With an easy-to-set-up and intuitive PC interface

The Modula warehouse management system (WMS) offers real-time monitoring and control of your warehouse operations through an easy-to-use PC interface.

Setting up the system is simple. All you need is a PC to serve as the warehouse server, and a number of additional PCs to provide your staff with access to the system. If your operations expand it is simple to add additional PCs to keep up with the growth.


Once it’s installed, the WMS is ready to go and can seamlessly interface with any kind of corporate ERP systems

A Dedicated Warehouse Software Support Team

Our global network of Modula experts are available to assist you with:

Full software configuration and installation so you can quickly start reaping the benefits of our solutions.

Complete integration with your ERP or DMS system so all your systems work in sync without manual intervention.

Customized functions tailored to meet your unique requirements and business processes.

Proven training so you can manage all processes and keep optimizing performance


Boost Your Lift with End-To-End Inventory and Warehouse Management

We provide a range of WMS, remote support, analytics systems and complete inventory management, seamlessly integrated with your choice of ERP or DMS.

Modula WMS Base:
Ideal for small or growing warehouse footprints, free for life with any Modula unit purchase.

Modula WMS Premium:
An end-to-end inventory and warehouse management solution for larger operations.