Safety Mirrors

Safety Mirrors

Dome Mirrors

Maximize safety at a glance. Safety mirrors in quarter, half or full dome reduce the chances of accidents due to blind corners in the plant or warehouse. Made of heavy-duty acrylic for durability. All mirror have a black protective edge.

  • Full dome mirrors offer a 360° viewing angle
  • Half dome mirrors offer a 180° viewing angle
  • Quarter dome mirrors offer a 90° viewing angle

Convex Mirrors

Prevent accidents and increase surveillance with a lightweight acrylic convex mirror. Adjustable mounting hardware included with each mirror. Have 100° viewing angle and mounted ball and swivel. Telescoping arm adjusts from 15” to 21”. For indoor or outdoor use.

Flat Mirrors

Ideal for locations where accurate depth perception is essential. Mirrors are made of acrylic with galvanized steel back. Framed mirrors have an aluminum edge. Arm adjusts from 15” to 21”. Ball and swivel, and telescoping arm and bracket are included with each mirror.

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