Pallet Racking


Pallet racking systems are designed using two basic components: pre-assembled, welded end frames and rigid one-piece interlocking horizontal beams. Beams engage into frames on 3" increments for Unirak (RediRack compatible) systems or 4" increments for Centennial systems. Beams come standard with safety clips to prevent disengagement from the frames. All racking systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable regulations and specifications.

Pallet Racking System


Standard sizes are available in 24" to 72" depths and up to 32' high in varying capacities. Special sizes are available and we can design and manufacture to suit any requirement utilizing different profile designs and steel gauges.

Racking Beam Types Unirak SD/MD/HD1
Racking Beam Types Unirak SD/MD/HD1 (Double Posted)
Racking Beam Types Unirak HD2
Racking Beam Types Unirak HD3


Available in roll formed box, welded step and roll-formed step styles. Beam capacities range from 1,000lbs to 12,000lbs per pair and are available in lengths ranging from 24" up to 192". Box beams are typically used to store conventional pallets and work best using accessories such as safety bars or wire mesh decks. Step beams allow for drop-in decks, shelves and many additional accessories designed from product stacking and hand-pick applications.

Racking Beam Types

Unirak Available Colour Selection


Some components are available for quick-ship in Orange. Contact us for more information. Standard colour for post protectors.

The above colour chart applies to Unirak product line only. Metric will provide colour charts for other product lines when required.

A Wide Variety Of Options

Metric can supply both new or used material in a variety of common industry racking profiles to help you match up with and expand your existing system. Five of these profile: RediRack, Centennial, Interlake, Cubic and Master are shown below. Is the profile of your racking different than those shown below? If so, give us a call today and we'll be happy to assist you with identifying the make and sourcing additional components for your racking system.

RediRack Profile

RediRack Profile

Centennial Profile

Centennial Profile

Interlake Profile

Interlake Profile

Cubic Profile

Cubic Profile

Master Profile

Master Profile

Don't know the profile?

We'll be happy to help you identify the make and style of racking you have, and assist in sourcing parts and accessories for your existing racking system.

If you are attempting to match your existing racking system, it is imperative that you consult Metric Storage Systems to ensure that your system configuration complies with all updated regulations and specifications in accordance with the relevant regulations. Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, CSA Standard A344.1 User Guide for Steel Storage Racks, and CSA Standard A344.2 Standard for the Design and Construction of Steel Storage Racks are the three guiding standards that will be used as the basis for evaluation.

Pallet Racking Parts & Accessories

Racking Parts and Accessories Diagram

Row Connectors

Where racking layouts are connected back-to-back row connectors maintain spacing between rows. Located at any level other than positions of a beam.


Insert Shelf Panels

Used when solid decking is required for bulk storage. Deck channels rest on the edge of our recessed beams and weld on angle step beams.


Divider Bars

Fits over box beams and act as a seperator for long objects stocked vertically, such as moulding extrusions, bars and angles.


Drum Cradles

Used when solid decking is required for bulk storage. Deck channels rest on the edge of our recessed beams and weld on angle step beams.


Flush Safety Bars

Provide additional support elements for use with box beams wherever merchandise may be loaded with off-size, non-standard pallets or underneath plywood.


Fork Entry Bars

Provides vertical clearance for lifting device forks on non-palleted merchandise such as lumber, large dies and metals bars.


Wall Connectors

Provides a tie between racking and the wall. Plate in punched to allow lagging.


Skid Channels

Formed U-channels positioned front to rear on box beams provide a secure base for legged skids and other such items as stacking baskets and furniture.


Reel Adapters

Boltless reel-brackets lock into slots of uprights at any desired level. Adjustable on the same spacing as beams, permitting repositioning when required.


Post Protectors

To reduce damage caused by lift trucks, post protectors are recommended on all front aisle upright posts, especially with drive-in or drive-thru applications.


Shim Plates

To compensate for slightly uneven floors shim plates should be added underneath upright frames when required.


Wire Mesh Decks

Wire mesh decking is designed to provide additional safety for pallet rack applications throughout your warehouse. They are fast and simple to install. Wire mesh allows for easy viewing of inventory, works efficiently with overhead sprinkler systems and meet all fire and safety regulations.


Wire Mesh Back Guards

Prevent items from falling by using back of rack fencing which bolts directly into your existing rack. Standard back fencing panels are manufactured with 2" x 2" x 10ga mesh. An alternative, Nylon mesh guards are also available. For more information see our page on safety netting here.