"R" Heavy-Duty Modular Cabinet

The heavy-duty cabinet is designed for intensive use and presents the perfect fit to better respond to our customers’ needs. It is distinguished by the vast array of dimensions offered, accessories and its perfect modularity, but most of all by its durability.

The Rousseau cabinet comes in 7 different widths, each offered in different depths, for a total of 15 combinations, each available in 6 heights. Add to that the 10 drawer heights, and you have an incredible choice of possibilities. You’re guaranteed to find the right size for your specific application.

Tested by an independent laboratory, the Rousseau cabinet proved to be the most durable on the market. The trials proved just how superior our drawer is. This allows us to be 100 % confident in offering you a lifetime warranty on the drawer rolling mechanism.

The unique shape of the "R" drawer is a Rousseau Metal Inc. trademark and we own a design patent on the "R" drawer. The Rousseau cabinet, in addition to being sturdy, offers a refined and unique look, which will stand the test of time. A shining example of unwavering durability.

Sturdy and distinct appearance

10 drawer heights and 7 drawer side heights are available

True North American dimensions which allow perfect modularity

Housings with pre-determined fixing zones for installation of accessories, work surfaces, shelves, etc.

400lb Capacity per drawer, the most heavy duty in the industry

More Information
Weight (LBS) 590.5000
Width 36"
Depth 18"
Height 60"
Cabinet Type Stationary
No. of Drawers 11
Dividers Included Yes
Stocked at Metric No
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Avalanche Blue [055] Avalanche Blue [055]
Everest Blue [051] Everest Blue [051]
Classic Blue [052] Classic Blue [052]
Midnight Blue [057] Midnight Blue [057]
Glossy Sapphire Blue [560] Glossy Sapphire Blue [560]
Glossy EverGreen [1025] Glossy EverGreen [1025]
Black [091] Black [091]
Glossy Black [902] Glossy Black [902]
Frost White [061] Frost White [061]
Light Gray [071] Light Gray [071]
Charcoal Gray [072] Charcoal Gray [072]
Modern Gray [745] Modern Gray [745]
Glossy Yellow [208] Glossy Yellow [208]
Sienna Orange [085] Sienna Orange [085]
Flame Red [081] Flame Red [081]
Glossy Carmine Red [806] Glossy Carmine Red [806]
Glossy Cranberry Red [815] Glossy Cranberry Red [815]
White [616] White [616]
Beige [041] Beige [041]
Carbon Black [741] Carbon Black [741]